The Law Firm has extensive experience in handling broadly defined civil law cases. We offer our Clients in particular:

  • Preparation and appraisal of civil law agreements, including negotiating the best contractual conditions for the Clients and counselling in disputes arising from the contracts entered into by the Client;
  • Handling actions for damages and compensation, servicing claims resulting from a failure to execute contracts or inadequate execution of contracts;
  • Handling cases regarding land easements, including transmission service easements;
  • Handling land and mortgage cases;
  • Execution of liabilities at the stage of court proceedings, interim proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings, addressing requests for payment to the debtors;
  • Handling cases and servicing consumer claims;
  • Handling cases for protection of personal rights;
  • Handling cases in the scope of insurance law;
  • Servicing claims resulting from warranties and guaranties;
  • Handling cases related to protection of creditors against insolvency of debtors (taking legal actions to the detriment of creditors, hampering and frustrating attempts at debt enforcement, etc.);
  • Legal counselling and preparing legal analyses and opinions in the scope of civil law.

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