Counselling and representation in case of court disputes, legal assistance in entering and terminating employment relationships, constructing employment agreements, contracts for personal services and manager’s contracts with confidentiality and non-competition clauses; counselling for group redundancies; preparation of strategies of a takeover of a production plant with the staff; counselling for and preparation of internal corporate rules, instructions and regulations; counselling for and negotiation of collective agreements and social packages.

  • Preparation of a complex legal opinion including analysis of possibilities and methods of calculation of commissions for certain categories of employees in an enterprise in the light of binding labour law provisions and internal regulations issued by statutory bodies of the enterprise.
  • Preparation of a complex legal opinion regarding justifiability of termination of employment agreements of the Client’s staff who – under contracts for personal services – provided the Client’s competitor with the services of takeover and test drives of railway engines (locomotives);
  • Participation in works of a team preparing and negotiating agreement with the company’s trade unions, implementation of the agreement in compliance with the accepted schedule, supervision and monitoring of the activities taken in the scope of the implementation process;
  • Preparation of a complex legal opinion regarding the possibility of calculating the weighting collected by employees for arduous work conditions and replacing it with a lump sum remuneration;
  • Preparation of a complex legal opinion about methods of representation of an employer in an employers’ organisation, as well as in case of labour disputes;
  • Preparation of a complex legal opinion including an analysis of terms and conditions (reasons justifying) provision of information about a Company-Employer to its employees in the course of day-to-day Company’s management and in case of labour disputes.