For our Clients the Law Firm has prepared many complex legal opinions aimed at:

  • lowering or rising the Client’s share capital;
  • analysing provisions of law and internal corporate regulations of the Client pertaining to the methods and rules of appointing members of the management boards;
  • characterising the limited liability company and the holding structure based on it;  
  • analysing provisions regulating the rules and conditions of resignation of a member of the management board in a limited liability company from their functions, as well as provisions of law regulating the methods and rules of holding contests for the function of the management board member in a limited liability company directly or indirectly dependent on the State Treasury;
  • analysing the organisational structure of the Client’s company, especially as regards the activities and the degree of separateness of the company’s organisational divisions/units, as well as the level of independence of directors of the divisions, based on provisions of common law and binding internal corporate regulations;
  • transfer of assets in kind in compliance with Article 14 of the Commercial Companies and Partnerships Code;  
  • selected aspects of applying provisions of the public salary cap act of 3rd March 2000 (on remuneration of individuals managing certain legal entities);
  • passing of a resolution by a certain Client’s management board expressing consent for  opening of negotiations aimed at obtaining pre-trial settlements regarding terms and conditions of payment for the Client from business entities in the railroad transportation sector and providing information on unreliable business partners of the Client’s companies.