Marcin Mamiński, after having graduated from the Law Department at the University of Warsaw in 1990, started legal apprenticeship organised by the District Bar Association in 1991. He served the apprenticeship in the years 1991-1995. In the course of the apprenticeship Barrister Marcin Mamiński attended an internship organised by the Paris Bar Association and graduated from a post-MA course organised by the Danish Bar Association “Activities of a barrister specialising in commercial law within the European Union”. Barrister Marcin Mamiński became a member of the District Bar Association in Warsaw in the year 1996. In the same year he opened al law firm in Warsaw, currently functioning as Mamiński & Partners Law Firm (limited partnership).

Barrister Marcin Mamiński specialises in broadly defined civil law as well as commercial and customs law. He is an adviser the Polish Customs and Foreign Trade Chamber, a parliamentary adviser, as well as an author of complex legal analyses and audits.

In March 2013, having presented the thesis entitled “Legal aspects of the ban on business activities” Barrister Marcin Mamiński gained the Jur.D. title in law sciences. Having obtained the doctoral degree, Marcin Mamiński established cooperation with Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Euroregionalnej im. Alcide De Gasperi in Józefów, where he is a researcher and an academic teacher hired as an adjunct, conducting further scientific and didactic work. Marcin Mamiński
prepares lectures for students and participates in many thematic conferences.


In 2018, he published his first book on the basis of a doctoral thesis, and currently Jur.D. Marcin Mamiński conducts further research in connection with the open postdoctoral dissertation.

He is competent in English and French.