Surrounded by regulations, contracts and ”serious” matters we all need moments of peace and quiet when we could feel really secure. We wish to present a few of such moments to those who need them most.

We have the honour to inform you that since last November we have been sparing such moments for Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom z Chorobą Nowotworową in Warsaw (KRS No. 79660) (Foundation Helping Children with Cancer). We want to constantly keep the Foundation  in our minds and hearts, and we hope that our “walking together” we will result in more moments of security for those who the Foundation caters for.

Fundacja Pomocy Dzieciom z Chorobą Nowotworową has been created by Parents of Children suffering from cancer, supported by oncologist doctors. It has been functioning continuously since 1991. 

The Foundation provides constant care for Children suffering from cancer and their Families from all over the country, at each stage of the illness. Every day the Foundation’s help is used by a few hundred people.

We strongly encourage you to present one good moment for the Foundation.

More information about the Foundation and the possible ways of supporting its activities may be found at: and on its Facebook site: